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30 things before 30

Kategori: inspiration

i will write this post in english, so the person who gave me the idea can read it without translating. thank you for the inspiration christina! this is a list of things i want to do before i turn 30 years old, so during the five years to come.
1. walk the machu picchu
2. try paragliding or bungyjumping
3. find my dreamapartment to buy
4. visit 30 countries (have visited 20 right now)
5. get a white tattoo
6. walk the santiago de compostela
7. ride a helicopter
8. climb swedens highest mountain, kebnekaise
9. learn a new dance
10. apply for midwiferyschool
11. spend new years eve in a new capital 
12. watch all star wars movies in a row
13. buy a bedwall
14. learn how to make sourdoughbread
15. really think about doing the GMU
16. stop being afraid of spiders (or learn how to kill them on my own)
17. sleep under the stars
18. make a rainbowcake with iceing
19. work abroad again
20. remove my wisdomteeth if they continue bugging me
21. grow a vegetable from scratch
22. own a dishwasher
23. get my savings up to 100.000:-
24. drive a really expensive car
25. see the northern lights
26. get my liverspots checked out
27. learn how to headstand for unlimited time
28. visit a famous museum
29. have a milkbath
30. visit christina in scotland